Don't-Miss Stories

Apple Preps for Meager Discounts on Black Friday

Apple's Black Friday offerings appear to a nonstarter for those seeking steep discounts on tech gear.


A Visual Tour of Desktop Environments

Desktop interfaces have become a controversial topic in the computing world as operating system makers begin to introduce elements and designs borrowed from the mobile world. Here's a look at the current state of the desktop environment in its many shapes and forms.

Mac OS X Sandboxing Flaw Reported

Security firm CoreLabs Research claims to have found a flaw in the sandboxing functionality of Mac OS X.

Overhaul of All Apple Products Expected in 2012

Suppliers reportedly expect a refresh of the MacBook Air, iPad, iMac, and iPhone product lines next year.


iOS vs. Android Battle Repeats Mac vs. PC Clash: What's Next?

The smartphone and tablet war is similar to the old Mac vs. PC war. Will the outcome be the same?

Apple Launches In-Store Pick-Up of Online Orders

The service is available in three stores in San Francisco but could soon be extended to locations across the United States.

Video Game Uses Brain to Control Action

Focus Pocus uses a brainwave-reading headset and helps children ages improve impulse control, memory, attention, and relaxation.


Google Releases Chrome Desktop-Sharing Feature

Integrating remote desktop functionality into a Google product may be welcome to some users who may not trust third-party vendors that already offer the service.

The Steve Jobs Legacy: Apple Devotees Remember a Genius

Apple faithful remember a tech legend and tell how Steve Jobs' life work has touched their lives.


Microsoft Downs Domain that Bred Botnet that Targeted Macs

Mac users uncharacteristically faced Kelihos, a small but dangerous botnet.