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Lab Tested: Haswell MacBook Air speeds up with faster graphics, flash storage

The improved graphics and faster storage provide a nice boost to the 2013 MacBook Air when compared to last year's model.

New MacBook Airs offer all-day battery life, better graphics performance

New MacBook Airs unveiled by Apple Monday feature better battery life and faster graphics.


The most reliable Windows laptop is a Mac, says Soluto

The data compiled about laptops running the popular Soluto software resulted in some surprising hardware ratings. Soluto's crowdsourced troubleshooting software and service now comes in a business edition with remote control options.

Toshiba's "Retina-like" Kirabook limited to 1080p video output

Connect an external monitor to the Kirabook and you'll be limited to resolution of 1920-by-1080 pixels.

Find My Mac both useful and frustrating for law enforcement

Find My Mac can be used to show the location of a stolen Mac, but the service often does not provide enough evidence to obtain a search warrant and get the stolen device back to its rightful owner, the Dutch police said on Monday.

Drexel University's MacBook vending machine lets you keep your laptop at home

What if you could borrow a laptop to use for just one class? A new vending machine at Drexel University could let you do just that.


First Intel-Based Ultrabooks Slated for September

While 2011 looks to be a modest year for shipments of ultra-thin Windows-based laptops, the Ultrabook category is heating up.


MSI Updates the X-Slim Laptop

MSI's X340 Pro laptop features a ultra-low voltage Core2 Solo processor and bears a strong resemblance to Apple's MacBook Air.

Exploring Apple's New Touchpad

The redesigned touchpad is a key feature of Apple's newest MacBook. We take a close look, and run through the new finger gestures that act as shortcuts.

Apple Revamps Its Entire Laptop Line

Steve Jobs announced changes to Apple's MacBook Pro, MacBook, and MacBook Air laptops. Some of the new features are faster graphics with Nvidia chips, aluminum cases, and improved trackpads.