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ZoomPresence review: DIY telepresence system is a struggle to set up

Zoom's low-cost telepresence tool has some nice features, but lack of documentation makes installation a hassle, and you have to gather all the hardware yourself.

5 Reasons Apple's Mac Mini Isn't Killing the DVD

DVDs aren't going away any time soon because they're cheap, easy to find and distribute and don't rely on a high-speed Internet connection.

R.I.P. DVD: Six Reasons It's Time for Discs to Die

CDs and DVDs were great for awhile, but its time to move on. Here are six reasons why it's time to ditch optical drives and the discs that feed them.

Apple Mac Buying Guide

A Mac is just another personal computer but call it a "PC" and you'll get a lot of heat from Apple fans.

Mac User Gear Guide

Shopping for someone who owns a Mac this year? We've got a few suggestions, from laptop decals to a smartpen that records audio.

Attack of the Killer Gadgets

How tech overload is scrambling our brains, ruining our relationships, and wasting our time--and what you can do about it.


Apple's New Mac Mini Is a Small Business Server Too

The new Mac Mini may achieve greater success as a small business server than as a living room media center.

Apple's New Mac Mini Ready to Invade Your Den

With its HDMI slot and elegant design, Apple's latest Mac mini will be right at home in the living room.

Apple's Mac Mini Gets a New Look

Apple has unveiled a redesigned Mac mini, promising up to twice the graphics performance then previous models, along with a new HDMI port and SD card slot.

New Mac Mini Guns For Your Living Room

Apple's sleek new mini computer features an HDMI port, making it a perfect fit for your entertainment center.