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trojan horse

Middle Eastern 'Molerats' hackers step up attacks

A wave of cyberattacks against Israeli and Middle Eastern targets this summer was the work of a highly active but shadowy hacktivist group that has started using Remote Access Trojans, security firm FireEye has warned.

smartphone malware

Malware hijacks mobile ad networks to siphon money

With more smartphones shipping than PCs, mobile ad networks open up the perfect backdoor for downloading code


Android becomes Windows' equal as a target for hackers

Windows, with its greater levels of adoption, has long been the preferred target of hackers; for the mobile world, that dubious title clearly now goes to Android, security researchers say.


Zero day forever--move away from Windows XP, now

In a new post, Microsoft reminds users--again--that Windows XP support ends in April. But this time, Microsoft attempts to demonstrate the security risks of XP.

Cybercriminals use Google Cloud Messaging to control malware on Android devices

Cybercriminals are controlling malware on Android devices through a Google service that enables developers to send messages to their applications, according to security researchers from antivirus vendor Kaspersky Lab.

Android mobile ad networks might be used to distribute malware

Mobile ad networks can provide a loophole to serve malware to Android devices, according to researchers from security firm Palo Alto Networks who have found new Android threats being distributed in this manner.


Dalai Lama

Hackers infect the Dalai Lama’s Chinese site with spyware

The Dalai Lama's Chinese language site has been hacked and infected with spyware.

How to clean and secure your browser like a pro

Ads and toolbars are the scum and villainy of the browser world. Eliminate them quickly and make sure they never come back with these simple tips.

Chinese hacker group behind January 2013 New York Times attack returns with updated tools

The Chinese hacker group that broke into the computer network of The New York Times and other high-profile organizations, including defense contractors, has launched new attacks following a few months of inactivity, according to researchers from security vendor FireEye.

Security researchers describe SMS malware markets

An investigation by mobile security vendor Lookout warns that malware is being transformed into a large-scale, sophisticated software business, complete with customer support.