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Google Maps ads are a big opportunity for local businesses

The combination of Google Maps and Google ads gives local businesses a tool to reach the customers that matter most.

Google adds more advertising to Maps app

Google says recent changes to the Google Maps app will make the app "more attractive for users and more effective for advertisers."


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Clockwise 3: A dump truck of hurt

Jason Snell, Dan Moren, Dan Frakes, and Leah Yamshon discuss digital versus analog media, mobile sharing plans, a big week in maps, and wireless speakers.


Overhauled and personalized Google Maps beta opens to all

Google's personalized Maps revamp is still in beta, but now anyone can try it with the click of a button.

Google updates its new Maps app to restore simple offline functionality

A mere day after a new Android version of Google Maps came down the pipeline, it's already being updated to restore an offline mode scoured from the original release.


Nokia Here Drive+ will add turn-by-turn navigation to Windows Phones

Nokia updates its Here Drive+ navigation app to allow turn-by-turn navigation for all Windows Phones, but installation issues prompt a hiatus.


Google overhauls its Maps app with a ton of new features, but (kinda) kills offline mode

The revamped Google Maps app looks amazing and packs a ton of handy new features, but it also drops a few.


Social mapping does much more than just get you where you’re going

Google is already a leading provider of mapping services, but it snatched up Waze because social mapping is smarter and more useful than just getting from Point A to Point B.

Bing increases bird's-eye data significantly in update to Bing Maps

Microsoft's Bing increased the amount of "bird's-eye" imagery to Bing Maps by nearly half, but you still can't use it within the Windows 8 app.


Waze could drive better social tools at Google, experts say

Waze's crowdsourced traffic and navigation app is attractive to Google, which is said to be a serious suitor for the app, because of the wealth of mapping data it offers. But Waze's biggest draw may be social, some experts say.