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Startup connects brands with influential Instagram users

Brandnew IO pays "publishers" when they promote ad content.

How to find out what the data miners know about you

What does Acxiom know about you? More than you think, not all of it true, but lets you peel back the cover of the data mining giant and look inside.


NFC device prompts shoppers to interact with your ads

TV mounted sensor detects passers-by and reels them in for marketing promotions

How small businesses can mine big data

Your customer data contains hidden gems of business intelligence. Here's how to make it work for your company.

Facebook Payments

Facebook mobile payments a boon for businesses

Facebook's huge active community makes its latest feature a great way for businesses to turn followers into revenue


Businesses are loaded with customer information, but unable to act upon it

Business owners think they have a great understanding of their customers, but a new survey shows they're completely clueless.

Sony stages human billboard stunt at Wimbledon to push its 4K HDTVs

Sony’s oddball marketing campaign coincides with the U.K. launch of its 55X9 Bravia and 65X9 Bravia Ultra HD televisions. Sony’s 55- and 65-inch Ultra HDTVs, which feature a display resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels, went on sale in the U.S. in April.


facebook insights

Facebook rolls out updated Page Insights

More useful data analytics coming later this summer.

Marketo rolls out 'customer engagement' tools as threat looms

Marketo says it has created tools that put it far ahead of rival marketing automation software vendors by making it much easier to run targeted campaigns, and more effective ones to boot.