Don't-Miss Stories

SanDisk's High-Performance Mobile Memory Cards

Two large-capacity mobile memory cards join the SanDisk Mobile Ultra product family.

Taiwan Asks Powerchip to Resubmit Bailout Proposal

Taiwan rejected a bailout plan from its largest DRAM maker, and asked the company to submit a new application.

German Chip Maker Gets €325 Million State-led Deal

Qimonda received a €325 million loan package from the German state of Saxony, a financial institution in Portugal and its parent company, Infineon.

MacBook Users Report Lockups

Some users of new MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops are reporting that their machines become unstable or lock up after they add third-party memory.

What's Using All My RAM?

Arcticsid asked the Answer Line Forum how he could find out what's using up so much of his PC's physical memory.

Qimonda Faces Q1 Cash Crunch, Delays Financial Results

DRAM maker Qimonda faces a cash shortfall in the first quarter and delayed its financial results until mid-December.

Apple Faces Lawsuit Over Defective PowerBooks

N.Y. man sues company for bad memory slots in now-obsolete notebooks.

Micron Buys Qimonda JV Stake for $400M

Micron Technology will buy Qimonda's stake in DRAM manufacturing joint venture Inotera memories for $400 million in cash

Sonnet Offers Pro Dual CF Adapter ExpressCard/34

The Pro Dual CompactFlash Adapter ExpressCard/34 for MacBook Pros is claimed to be faster than a CF card adapter.

DRAM Production Cuts Fail to Pull up Market

Analysis: Some DRAM makers cut production last week trying to spur a price recovery, but the action is too little, too late.