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Hybrid hard drives: How they work and why they matter

Meet the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of the storage world: Hybrid hard drives promise to deliver the speed of an SSD plus the capacity of a mechanical drive. We explain how they work, and evaluate their performance.

New DDR4 specification sets the stage for new DRAM in computers

The final specification of DDR4 DRAM, which will help PCs run faster through more power-efficient data transfers, was published Tuesday.

How to Add RAM to Your Laptop

You can significantly improve your laptop PC's performance by adding RAM, especially if you're running a 64-bit version of Windows.

New DDR4 Memory to Boost Tablet, Server Performance

Although the standard for DDR4 memory won't be finalized until summer, several companies are already preparing to ship modules that will boost performance in...


Researchers Use Diamonds to Boost Computer Memory

IBM and others are already developing solid-state chip technology using phase-change memory, which IBM says can sustain up to 5 million write cycles.


Little Drive, Big Deal

That little storage tank can be used for a lot more than just ferrying files.

iPad 3 'Frankenslate' Assembled Ahead of Apple Media Event

The website M.I.C. Gadget has gotten its hands on what it says is a pile of iPad 3 components.


Java Compiler Would Enable High-quality Code, Efficient Memory Use

Participants in the OpenJDK email-based discussion group, including representatives from Oracle, have been advocating for the Graal project.

Troubleshoot Bad RAM Modules with MemTest86+

Now able to run from a flash drive, this free utility can help determine if faulty memory is causing system problems.

Holiday Desktop PC Buying Guide: The Specs Explained

We help you identify the key specifications and components you need to consider when shopping for a desktop PC.