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Memory Prices Set to Rise

Taiwan’s largest computer memory chipmaker on Tuesday forecast a jump in demand for its components in the second quarter of the year driving memory prices higher

There's Never Been a Better Time to Upgrade RAM

RAM prices fell throughout 2010, and all signs show they’re going to dip even lower in 2011.

Hints of Light Peak: In Progress, But Not Ready Yet

The next-generation Light Peak storage interface looks promising, but Intel is still developing it.

PC Repair Rip-Offs: Don't Get Gouged by Fix-It Services

When your PC needs a tune-up, upgrade, or overhaul, don't fall prey to the tech shop's worst deals. Here's the truth about computer repair services.

IBM's Racetrack Memory Moves Closer to the Checkered Flag

IBM researchers are a step closer to commercializing a technology that enable a mobile phone to store every movie released this year.

Find Cheap Storage at Gb4less

Looking for a new hard drive? Flash drive? Memory card? This site corrals some of the Web's best deals.

Samsung Gets To Work On 8GB Laptop Memory Sticks

Want 8GB of RAM in your laptop? Electronics giant Samsung is beginning mass-production of such massive memory modules.


RAM Upgrade Advice

Cbs326 asked the Desktops forum for advice about upgrading a PC’s memory

Wozniak Recalls Role of Memory in Apple's Early Days

Innovating with dynamic memory was key to designing the Apple II, Steve Wozniak said Thursday.

SanDisk Reveals The SSD Perfect For Mobile Computing - It's Smaller Than A Postage Stamp

Memory maker SanDisk has revealed an all new solid state drive which seems perfect for mobile computing. The SSD on a chip is smaller than a postage stamp and can pack up-to 64GB of on-board memory.