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Add RAM to a Laptop

Sluggish system? Check to see how much RAM you have. Older laptops often don't have enough.

How to Buy a Laptop

Size, performance, storage options, and keyboard quality are all factors to consider when purchasing a laptop. Let us help you find the laptop that fits your needs.

Samsung 20nm Flash Memory Could Spark Price War

Samsung leapfrog of IMFT with 20nm flash memory could trigger lower prices.

Nope, Windows 7 Is Not a Memory Hog

A report that most Windows 7 systems suffer from RAM woes that lead to performance problems simply isn't true.

Prototype SIM Card Holds Processor, Memory, Storage and the Android OS

SK Telecom has developed a prototype SIM card that includes a processor, memory, 1GB of flash storage space and Google's Android operating system.

Taking Care of Your Camera's Memory Card

When and how to upload photos, delete your pictures, and maintain your memory card.


Is NAND Flash About to Hit a Dead End?

As the technology used to create NAND flash memory continues to shrink, bit error rates and production costs are going up. That's forcing solid-state memory...


Intel and Micron Double Flash Storage Capacity With 25-Nanometer NAND

The 25nm NAND flash process will mean more storage in less space.

Corsair's New Dominator XMP RAM Is World's Fastest

Corsair's newest high-performance memory runs at over 2.3GHz, and has been certified as the world's fastest XMP RAM by Intel.


Samsung's New 64GB Flash Chip Is Ideal for Mobile Devices

Samsung's new 64GB flash memory chip and 32GB microSD card end up in your next smartphone.