Don't-Miss Stories

Intel and Micron Double Flash Storage Capacity With 25-Nanometer NAND

The 25nm NAND flash process will mean more storage in less space.

Corsair's New Dominator XMP RAM Is World's Fastest

Corsair's newest high-performance memory runs at over 2.3GHz, and has been certified as the world's fastest XMP RAM by Intel.


Samsung's New 64GB Flash Chip Is Ideal for Mobile Devices

Samsung's new 64GB flash memory chip and 32GB microSD card end up in your next smartphone.


Eye-Fi Pro X2 Increases Capacity and Speed

Eye-Fi's latest SD Card to improve upon previous wireless upload experience.

Intel May Allow More Memory on Netbooks

Rather than celebrating this as good news, we should be asking why Intel has any say in the matter at all.

Kingston To Release New Low Priced SSD Boot Drive

Kingston Digital reveal plans to release new SSD drives aimed at boosting your desktop performance.


You Must Obey: The Unwritten Laws of Technology

"Fix a computer for a friend or family member, and you'll be tech support for life." This is but one of 35 immutable laws of technology that we've identified and recorded for posterity. There will be a test.

Corsair Launching New 'Extreme' Solid State Drives

Memory maker Corsair today announced 'Extreme' additions to their range of solid-state hard drives.


DRAM's Inventor Honored for Contribution

DRAM's Inventor, 76, Still Going Strong at IBM

Eye-Fi Memory Cards Get RAW

RAW image support comes to Eye-Fi