Don't-Miss Stories

Flash Storage Made Less Expensive, Faster

Texas Memory Systems has added a less expensive, faster and smaller form-factor flash storage array to its line of solid-state products.

New Intel Chips Prompt Rise in Demand for DDR3 Memory

Intel plans to launch two more DDR3-only chip series in the second half of this year

New Flash Memory Pushes Capacity, Performance

Micron flash chip offloads memory management for portable devices, pushing performance.


Safely Remove Memory Cards without Using 'Safely Remove Hardware'

If Windows stops recognizing your SD and other memory cards after using Safely Remove Hardware, here's the solution: stop using it!

Can I Increase Onboard Graphics Memory?

Owusu Clement wants to know if he can increase his PC's video RAM. The problem: He's using his motherboard's onboard graphics, not a separate card.


LiveScribe Digital Pen Talks Back

This digital pen is a great choice for students, journalists. and meeting-hoppers.

DRAM Prices Soar in Early Asia Trading

UPDATE: DRAM prices soared in early trading in Asia as traders returned to work following the Lunar New Year holiday.

DRAM Prices Spike After Qimonda Bankruptcy

DRAM prices spiked last week over supply concerns after Qimonda filed for bankruptcy protection.

Consumer Gear Goes Green

Vendors scramble to show how eco-correct they are, but consumers want full functionality, too.

SanDisk slotRadio Misses the Beat

The company's new MP3 player comes with tunes -- and lots of restrictions.