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Microsoft Lync 2010: Unified Communications Comes of Age

Every once in a very long while, I get to review a product that strikes me as a stepping stone toward the future. Microsoft Lync 2010 puts your PC at the center of communication.

Google Docs Gets Wave-Like Chat Features

Google has revamped the comments feature of its online word processor, adding some features formerly seen in its less-than-successful Wave product.

Imo Brings All Your IMs Into Your Browser

Chat with contacts from various services using free, Web-based IM client Imo.

imo instant messenger

Chat with contacts from various services using this free, Web-based IM client.

If BlackBerry Messenger Goes to Android, What Remains of BlackBerry?

Is RIM giving up on the soul of the BlackBerry?

'Super Cool' SMS Expanded for Small Businesses

Clickatell today announced a Short Message Service (SMS) for small businesses that costs only $25 a month for 1,000 messages.

Ten E-mail Abbreviations You Need to Learn

WTF? No, not that one. Here's your 60-second guide to common abbreviations you're likely to see in e-mail, text messages, and instant messages.

Pamela Professional Adds Call Answering and Recording to Skype

Skype fans can use the Pamela Professional software to record calls, create an answering machine, auto-respond to messages, and more.

Send and Receive Instant Messages Right in Your Browser

Free service Meebo offers cross-platform instant messaging, with no resource-hogging software to install on your PC. It's arguably the best Web service you're not using.

Latest VoxOx Beta Makes It Easier to Keep in Touch Across Social Networks

Stay in touch with all of your contacts and on top of all of your social networks with VoxOx.