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Skype and Facebook: Shoestring Communications Hub

The combination of Skype communications with the Facebook social network provides the essential elements of unified communications for SMBs.


Skype for Android lets you make free VoIP calls and text-chat with your Skype contacts, but it lacks video and works only on a Wi-Fi connection.


Type N Walk

This Android app is so bad, it must be a joke.


Bans on Texting While Driving Don't Work: No Surprise!

Highway Loss Data Institute reports texting bans don't reduce crashes.


Make the Most of Android Messaging

Whether you need to communicate via e-mail, social network, or instant message, Android can make it happen.


PalTalkScene Adds Video to Its Chat

Chat with friends, meet new friends, and bring up video with the PalTalkScene chat tool and community.

Chatroulette: Gambling with Your Privacy

Security holes in the popular video chat service could reveal your identity and allow strangers to scam you.


How to Leave Work Early

Use these tools and Web services to improve your productivity and shorten your workday.

Microsoft's Free Windows Live Essentials Beta Debuts

A beta version of Microsoft's Windows Live Essentials, a collection of free Web-oriented applications and services for Windows Vista and Windows 7 PCs, is now available for download