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Google Voice on Android has just gotten a lot more powerful, thanks to an update that adds real-time message delivery and other improvements.


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Will In-Flight Video Chats Make for Unfriendly Skies?

There are at least two plausible arguments against video calling in the air: bandwidth and seatmates.

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Multi-service communications program Trillian Astra has many features, but takes some sharing a little too far.

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Here are four instant messaging apps that will let you chat with your IM buddies and social network contacts.

Add Facebook Chat to Your Firefox Sidebar

Want to keep your Facebook chats going even while you're looking at other sites? Here's how.

Sexting Study Finds Few Teens Participate

When it comes to sexting, only a small percentage of teens actually participate in swapping sexually explicit messages.


Yoono Desktop Manages Social Networks and IM

Integrate the updates from many social networks and instant messaging programs into a single app: Yoono Desktop.

Ride the Wave! Hands-On With Google Wave Preview

Google's new communication platform is visually slick, but clearly still a work in progress.

Find Chat Rooms to Discuss Practically Anything With PaltalkScene

PaltalkScene helps you participate in chats about almost any topic.