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Microsoft launches Skype-centered hub for small businesses

Microsoft has unveiled a commercial networking site where small businesses can promote their products and services and interact with potential customers and partners primarily using Skype.

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Microsoft to close Messenger and consolidate IM service on Skype

Microsoft will shut down Windows Live Messenger next year, compelling users to migrate to Skype, whose latest version can import users' Messenger contacts.

Group chat showdown: Which instant messaging service is best for your business?

Campfire, Hipchat, and provide virtual rooms for important discussions. Which one works best for business?

Is voicemail obsolete?

Data from Vonage suggests that voicemail is yesterday's news. Newer technologies like text messaging seem to be replacing the concept of leaving a message.

'Lazy' Employees Can Fix Your Social Woes, Says Yammer CTO

Companies that struggle with social media should pay closer attention to what their workers are using at home.

iPhone SMS Bug Remains Threat

Vulnerability in iOS allows an attacker to send a text message that appears to come from a trusted source, says a security researcher.

Apple Pushes iMessage to Avoid SMS Spoof

The Apple messaging technology that enables users to avoid an SMS spoofing bug is under a patent challenge.

Apple Warns Customers to be Cautious of SMS After 'Flaw' Cited

While SMS is a relatively mature technology, in recent years it has attracted the interest of security researchers as an attack vector for smartphones.


Google's Graveyard: 15 Products Google Has Killed

Missing your favorite Google app? Here are 15 products that Google has killed or has announced plans to kill.


Exchange Instant Messages in Your Browser with IM+

My beloved Meebo Messenger is shutting down, but Shape's cross-platform IM+ service fills the void.