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Survey: Instant Messaging Will Surpass Email

In a poll, 54% of CIOs predicted that real-time communication technologies, such as instant messaging, SharePoint, Chatter and Yammer, will overtake email in 2016

Cell Phones, Other Tech Tell 9/11 Memories

The National Museum of American History's 9/11 display includes a variety of tech gadgets that played a role on the day of the attack.

Windows Phone 7, Day 7: Tie Messaging Together With Threads

The Threads feature in Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" blurs the line between different forms of communication and lets you seamlessly switch between them within a single conversation.

4 Reasons to Use GroupMe for Work

Skype is buying text messaging service GroupMe. Like Skype, the tool offers cool and unexpected uses for business.

Skype Buys GroupMe to Take on Google+ Huddles

With the acquisition of GroupMe, Skype adds mobile group chat to its repertoire and challenges the Huddles feature of the Google+ mobile app.

The Best of 'Damn You, Autocorrect'

Smartphones try to predict or correct words in the text messages people type, sometimes with disastrous results. Here are some of the best text-messaging gaffes submitted to

First Look: Cisco's Cius Tablet

Cisco's Android-based Cius tablet is designed specifically for business. It features real-time video conferencing, a phone app, IM, chat, email, and a customizable app store.

Lync Is the Unsung Hero of Microsoft Office 365

The revamped collaboration tool is a key, if underappreciated, part of Microsoft’s new cloud-based productivity suite.

Google Eyes iMessage, Readies Rival Service

Though messaging is last-century technology, it still can grow significantly on the smartphone platform, developers say.


iMessage, BBM Miss the Mark in Consumerized Tech Age

Single-platform communication tools will frustrate, disappoint in a market with multiple strong business-friendly mobile operating systems.