Don't-Miss Stories

When Replacing Faulty Components, Don't Feel Obligated to Stick with the Same Make and Model

If a computer part dies on you, you might think your only option is to replace it with the exact same thing. In most cases, you have plenty of other choices.

Two Easy Mouse-Click Shortcuts You Need to Learn

There's the slow way of selecting a word or paragraph with your mouse, and then there's the smart way. Today's the day you learn the smart way.

15 Hot Solar-Powered Gadgets

Electronics don't have to be powered by a plug--check out these sun-powered gadgets.

Logitech Launches a Couch Mouse

Analysis: The M515 has a sealed bottom case that keeps lint out while helping the mouse glide across cushions, blankets and carpets with minimal fuss.

Tron Gaming Mouse Brings the Grid to Your Desk

Razer's new Tron-inspired gaming mouse lets you take your game to the grid (sort of).


Resize Desktop Icons with Your Scroll Wheel

Forgetting messing around with hard-to-find Control Panel settings. If you're a Windows 7 user, it's incredibly easy to change icon size.

Maxell Unveils Ergomotion Mice, Keyboards

Analysis: The longtime recordable media company is moving into peripherals, with a focus on ergonomic devices.

One Keyboard, One Mouse, Several PCs — Zero Hassle

Free Synergy program is easier to use than a KVM switch, and the utility runs on all Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

Raise Your Windows IQ: When to Single-Click, When to Double-Click

There's no shame in admitting you don't when to click once or twice. Follow these simple rules and you'll be a click-master in no time.

AutoHotkey Script: Delete Outlook E-Mails with One Click

Now that you're a whiz with AutoHotkey, grab this handy script for middle-click e-mail deletion. It's a must-have for Outlook users.