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Apple's Magic Mouse Draining Bluetooth Keyboard Batteries

Apple's Magic Mouse is reportedly draining the batteries of Bluetooth keyboards, according to the company's own discussion forums.

Make the Most of Your Middle Mouse Button, Part 4

There's one last way to get some extra use out of that third button: Click it, hold it, and drag your mouse to scroll up or down on a page. Very handy!

Make the Most of Your Middle Mouse Button, Part 3

Today's "Middy" tip is all about folders inside your browser--and what happens when you middle-click one.

Deals of the Week

We'll show you where to find the best prices on an unlocked Pharos smartphone, a Kodak pocket camcorder, a refurbished iPod, and more.


Make the Most of Your Middle Mouse Button, Part 2

Today's tip: clicking that often-overlooked middle button to quickly and easily open a Web link in a new tab.

Make the Most of Your Middle Mouse Button

Are you neglecting that "middle child" of mouse buttons? Here's one easy way to get some extra use from it.

Apple Magic Mouse Still MIA

Apple has issued a new Mac software update that lets Bluetooth-enabled Macintosh users employ the company's cool new, touch-sensitive wireless "Magic Mouse." But where's the mouse?

Apple's New Magic Mouse is One Clever Rodent

Apple may have just built a better mousetrap with its new Magic Mouse.

A Bevy of New Macs: More For Less, But No Major Surprises

Apple has rounded out its computer line with a bunch of new models that have better specs, upscale features, and the same prices.

Apple Unveils Multi-Touch Magic Mouse

Apple updates its computer mice with a new wireless Magic Mouse.