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The coolest office furniture and IT gear — including new releases and celebrated classics — can turn your drab workspace into your dream home office.

Apple Needs To Rename the Mighty Mouse

Speculation that Apple is working on a multi-touch mouse revs up, as the company loses the rights to the Mighty Mouse name.

MouseExtender Puts a Program Launcher Underneath Your Cursor

This terrific new freebie puts your favorite apps and folders right under your middle fingertip.

Office 2007 Tip: Use the Mouse Wheel to Scroll the Ribbon

Move your cursor north to discover Office 2007's "hidden" mouse-wheel feature.

Firefox Tip: Middle-Click Links to Open New Tabs

You're not using your mouse wheel just for scrolling, are you? Give it a click!

Activate a Window By Hovering Over It

Tired of all that extra clicking? You may prefer to make windows active just by hovering over them. A simple Control Panel setting makes it happen.

Hands Take Flight with the Peregrine Sensory Input Gaming Glove

Iron Will Technologies debuts a sensory input glove for gamers, called the Peregrine.

The World's Weirdest Mice

A mouse is such a simple device that not even the worst inventor could screw it up, right? Wrong! We'll give you 13 examples.

Death to Gaming Mice

Expensive, slick status symbols for hardcore. But are they worth the money? And, for that matter, are they safe for your hands? We look at two wireless gaming mice to find out.

Star Trek Gear Fit for a Trekkie Lifestyle

When a Spock action figure just won't do, some Trekkies go hardcore and buy the real stuff. Here is a look at Star Trek gear for an out-of-this-world lifestyle.