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Google reveals third unpatched Windows zero-day vulnerability in a month

Google is sticking to its 90-day disclosure deadline, despite criticism by Microsoft.

Microsoft xbox chief phil spencer

Microsoft Xbox chief Spencer talks about bringing Xbox tech to Windows 10

Why is Microsoft Xbox chief Phil Spencer at the Windows 10 event next week? Plus: That $50 Xbox One price cut is on again.

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Microsoft ships Lumia Camera in cheap phones first, while others hope for an upgrade

U.S. Windows Phone users still don't have the quick-shot app, but optimists can hope it's just one step closer to coming here.

Scroogled no more: Microsoft's anti-Google campaign slinks away for good

Microsoft's Scroogled Website disappears, marking the end of the Redmond's sleazy ad campaign against one of its biggest competitors.

The Lumia 435 is Microsoft's cheapest Windows Phone yet

Buyers of the new smartphone will get Office apps and 30GB of online storage.

Lumia 830 Denim folders Microsoft

Windows 10 phones may be coming with Windows 10 PCs

The posting of a Windows 10 test platform for phones has reignited speculation that Microsoft's next OS will embrace all platforms.


Google reveals Windows flaw mere days before Patch Tuesday fix, irking Microsoft

Google published a bug it found in Windows 8.1 before Microsoft could patch it. But Microsoft is crying foul, saying a fix is in the works and Google knew it.

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Google chases Microsoft with beefed-up Translate speech tools

After Microsoft's real-time Skype Translator captured the world's attention, Google's working to improve its own Translate tools.

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Windows 10's new Spartan browser will pack Cortana's smarts, report claims

You know what Windows 10 needs? More Cortana. It's already reportedly coming to your taskbar, and now it sounds like you'll get Microsoft's digital personal assistant in your address bar too.

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Microsoft's $29 Nokia 215 is a smarter feature phone for the masses

Microsoft's new Nokia 215 phone can last nearly a month on a single charge. And while it's certainly not a smartphone, it's not dumb either.