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Microsoft Office 2013: A Tour of the New Office Suite's User Interface

Microsoft has added some great new features to Office, including a tablet-friendly user interface. Let's take a look at what's new in Word 2013, Excel 2013, Outlook 2013, and OneNote 2013.

Microsoft Unveils Office 2013: Ready for Tablets, Web

Steve Ballmer pulls back the curtain on a touchscreen-friendly Office 2013.

Microsoft Word 2013: Hands On

The next generation Office 13 family is available for preview, and a first look at Word 2013 reveals an update designed for easy collaboration and access by multiple devices.

Microsoft Outlook 2013: Hands On

Power users of Outlook will be interested in what Microsoft has in store with Outlook 2013. Here are my first impressions after using the new software for a few days.

How to Quit Microsoft Outlook, Part II: Back Up Before You Pack Up

Don't make your move until you find and archive Outlook's PST file, which contains all your important data.

Microsoft Office 2013 Press Conference with Steve Ballmer

Microsoft video streamed today's Microsoft 2013 event with Steve Ballmer.

Office 15: 5 Things We Want to See

Before Microsoft tips its hand, we have some suggestions for a cleaner, more capable, more portable update to its office suite.

Microsoft Office Must Evolve to Remain Successful

Analysis: Office's continued dominance is far from assured as software moves to the cloud and consumer devices arrive at work.

Live Coverage: Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer will very likely announce a pivotal new version of his company's Office suite at an event in San Francisco Monday. Tune in right here for our live coverage at noon Pacific Time.

Microsoft Expected to Unveil Office 15

Many of the next-gen productivity suite's features are still shrouded. Here's what we know based on its limited release for technical review.