Don't-Miss Stories

Leaked Office 15 Video Touts Cloud Features

Microsoft seems eager to take on Google Docs and Apple's iCloud with its own online sync features in Office 15.

Internet Explorer, Windows Phone Due Updates This Year

A leaked Microsoft roadmap reveals a 2013 launch target for Office 15, and other update plans and schedules.

Try Calligra 2.4 for a New Microsoft Office Alternative

With office, graphics, and management components, this new open source contender aims to provide 'the most comprehensive free suite anywhere,' its makers say.

Leaked: Microsoft Roadmaps for Office 15, IE10, and More

A leaked Microsoft roadmap shows an early 2013 release date for Microsoft Office 15.

Microsoft Adds 6 Months to Office 2007's Support Lifespan

Office 2007 will now exit mainstream support in October 2012, and fall off the support list for good in October 2017.

Can Your Software Live in the Cloud?

Services such as CloudOn, Nivio, and OnLive are bringing full-blown Office apps to iPads and other mobile devices.

OnLive Desktop: Virtual Office Apps on Your iPad

With OnLive Desktop, you can run Microsoft programs, such as Word and Excel, that normally wouldn't work on an iPad. But the interface doesn't always make it easy to use them.


Microsoft Patches Critical Windows Zero-day Bug That Hackers Are Now Exploiting

Microsoft Tuesday delivered six security updates to patch 11 vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer, Office and several other products.

Critical Microsoft Patch Fixes Windows, Office, and IE

Next week's regular Patch Tuesday includes six security updates to squash 11 bugs in a variety of applications.

Microsoft on Tuesday will Patch Office 2010, IE9

Four of the six security bulletins being released on Patch Tuesday are rated "critical" and will address both operating system and application vulnerabilities.