Don't-Miss Stories

Critical Microsoft Patch Fixes Windows, Office, and IE

Next week's regular Patch Tuesday includes six security updates to squash 11 bugs in a variety of applications.

Microsoft on Tuesday will Patch Office 2010, IE9

Four of the six security bulletins being released on Patch Tuesday are rated "critical" and will address both operating system and application vulnerabilities.

Make Data Entry Easier in Microsoft Excel: 10 Tricks

If you find entering data into spreadsheets to be mind-numbing drudgery, then you probably don't know about these cool, time-saving tricks that make Excel 2010 do the heavy lifting for you.


Outlook 2010 Cheat Sheet: Visual Tour

Find your way around Microsoft Outlook 2010 and the Ribbon interface.


Six Features You'll Love in Office 15

The next generation of Microsoft Office--"Office 15"--is imminent. Based on early looks at the software, here are some features to look forward to in Office 15.

Outlook 15 Gets Ready for Touch Tablets

Outlook 15 is still a traditional desktop app, but several changes appear to be preparing the way for users to access the program on a tablet.

Office 365 Price Cuts Lure Bargain-Hunters, Analyst Says

More than half of companies with six months or less into a cloud software deployment are willing to consider a change of vendors, Nucleus Research reports.

Analysts: Microsoft Didn't Cut Office 365 Prices Just to Be Nice

In announcing price reductions for Office 365 this week, Microsoft said its cost of running the cloud suite has fallen. But there's more.

Microsoft Office 15 Technical Preview Shows a Metro Touch

A sneak peek at the early version of the revamped Office shows lots of design elements from Microsoft's touch interface.

Microsoft Cuts the Prices of Some Office 365 Plans

Microsoft has lowered the prices of some editions of the Office 365 cloud collaboration and communication suite, which was launched about eight months ago.