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EVE Online debuts New Player Training Sessions

EVE Online’s new player training sessions aim to teach rookies the ins-and-outs of getting around EVE Online.


Shooting for the MMOon: The many promises of Everquest Next

Sony Online Entertainment has announced Everquest Next, promising to change the way we play MMOs.


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You’ll likely want to play free-to-play shooter Firefall with friends.


Into the Wormhole: An afternoon with EVE Online's least understood demographic

At Fanfest we stumbled across the smallest and rarest group of players in EVE Online—the wormhole players.


Sign up for City of Steam's open beta, get promises of fantasy steampunk fun

City of Steam's closed beta was yet more enjoyable than the alpha, but we're still waiting to find out when the open beta will start. You can sign up now, though, so you'll be ready.

Review: Vanguard's free-to-play option brings Telon to the masses

Vanguard is an immense MMORPG that has languished for years due to a poor launch. Shifting to free-to-play has brought in a population surge, and it is well worth checking out.