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Encryption can’t protect your data while you’re logged in

If you don't use a password to unlock your computer, smartphone, or tablet, most encryption software won't protect your private or proprietary data if the device is lost or stolen.

Cities search for solution to phone-theft epidemic

With smartphone theft exploding, businesses face extreme risks

Pentagon clearance for iOS could open even more doors for Apple in the private sector

Industries like finance and healthcare may take a closer look at iOS now that it has the Pentagon seal of approval.

Lookout targets privacy-invading mobile ad networks

Mobile security vendor Lookout plans to start flagging as adware mobile apps that use aggressive ad networks if they don't obtain explicit consent from users before engaging in behavior that potentially invades privacy.

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Mobile ads are smarter and snoopier, security firm warns

Adware on mobile aren't as innocuous as banners on PCs, and its integration presents a greater threat to privacy, according to a Bitdefender senior e-threat analyst.


Mobile device security plan defended by Army

The inspector general says there's been a failure in the Army to track, properly configure or 'sanitize' 14,000 tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.


BlackBerry details unique security features in OS 10

The new BlackBerry 10 operating system can separate personal and business apps, but that's not the only security strength that sets it apart.

Get your company started with Evernote for Business

Evernote wants its app to be your 'second brain.' Follow these steps to help your company harness Evernote's unique intelligence.

Android crowned the king of mobile malware, report finds

Android devices draw almost 80 percent of mobile malware, and was the target of more than 300 threats identified by security firm F-Secure in a recent report.

How Apple's iWatch could revolutionize mobile security

The iWatch is meant to tether to an iPhone or iPad, which allow it to serve as a security token for advanced authentication.