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Our jury-based testing evaluates displays using a collection of photos, test screens, and high-def video.

7 Cool and Crazy Computer Workspaces

From dozens of monitors to downright gorgeous designs, these seven workstations are among the most interesting and memorable we've seen.

Sharp Goes Big With 80-Inch, 3D LED TV at CES

Sharp flaunted a massive HDTV with a smart interface for accessing Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, and YouTube. And it went small, showing off its answer to mobile TV.


10 Early-Bird Black Friday Deals Available This Weekend

Retailers are getting a jump on Black Friday by offering deep discounts the weekend before the official season opening of the holiday buying frenzy.


HP 3D: Passive vs. Active

HP announced a 3D PC display and a 3D PC Monday -- one has active, and one has passive 3D.

HP Goes 3D with Touchscreen PC, Monitor

The Touchsmart 620 3D is designed to let users "create and consume" 3D, while $299 2311gt is offered as a 3D monitor for the masses.

Snowglobe Project: A 360-Degree, Hologram-Like Display

Using a 3D projector, Microsoft Kinect sensors, and a spherical display, a project at the Computer-Human Interaction Conference in Vancouver presents a 360 degree view of an object.


Affordable 3D Gear: From HDTVs to Camcorders to Graphics Boards

Take the 3D plunge without busting your budget by choosing from these affordable HDTVs, cameras, graphics boards, and camcorders.


Toshiba Laptop Does Simultaneous 2D and Glasses-Free 3D

This Toshiba notebook supports both 2D and glasses-free 3D viewing simultaneously.

The Early Adopter’s Guide to 3D TV, Cameras, Camcorders, and Editing

Will the 3D footage from your Sony camcorder play on your Panasonic 3D TV? Should you wait for glasses-free 3D? We did some experimenting to find the answers to these and other 3D mysteries.