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Using a 3D projector, Microsoft Kinect sensors, and a spherical display, a project at the Computer-Human Interaction Conference in Vancouver presents a 360 degree view of an object.


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Toshiba Laptop Does Simultaneous 2D and Glasses-Free 3D

This Toshiba notebook supports both 2D and glasses-free 3D viewing simultaneously.

The Early Adopter’s Guide to 3D TV, Cameras, Camcorders, and Editing

Will the 3D footage from your Sony camcorder play on your Panasonic 3D TV? Should you wait for glasses-free 3D? We did some experimenting to find the answers to these and other 3D mysteries.


Massive 3D Touchscreen Puts Your Monitor To Shame

A University has managed to make lectures fun again with a 3D touchscreen theatre.


The Big Deal Products of CES 2011 (So Far)

From seriously fast phones and tablets to better 3D TVs and PCs, here are the 13 products that will make a significant difference this year.


Sony's head-mounted 3D Display

We give you a closer look at the tech giant's new sci-fi display prototype

Is Apple Planning a 3D iPhone?

Apple was recently awarded a US patent for a stereoscopic three-dimensional display system that doesn't require glasses.


3D Will Be Ubiquitous at CES, But Will It Be Good?

You're sure to see lots of 3D at CES this year...but will you be impressed?

Hide Your Wallet, Call of Duty: Black Ops Gets 3D Support

Activision says upcoming first-person shooter will support 3D, if you're willing to drop thousands on a corresponding 3D-enabled TV.