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U.S. Judge Cancels Motorola, Apple Patent Trial

A U.S. Judge canceled a trial scheduled to start Monday in a patent dispute, and said he had tentatively decided the case should be dismissed.

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Samsung Galaxy S III Teardown Reveals Some Interesting Secrets

A teardown of the Samsung Galaxy S III shows that the phone has a camera similar to the one in the iPhone 4S.


Motorola Videos Show Android 4.0 on Droid RAZR

New features in Motorola's custom version of Ice Cream Sandwich are displayed.


With Motorola's Help, Google May Introduce Android to the Office

Samsung, the biggest maker of Android devices, is already trying to sell both tablets and smartphones for workplaces, while Lenovo is doing the same with tablets.

10 Terrific LTE Smartphones for $150 or Less

How to get LTE phones on the cheap: We look at offerings from Apple, Samsung, Nokia and more.


Judge Won't Let You Get Your Game On, Recommends Xbox 360 Ban

An ITC judges wants to prevent the import and sale of Xbox 360s in the United States.

Google Seals the Deal on $12.5B Motorola Acquisition

The merger allows Google to beef up its patent portfolio, as rivals Apple and Microsoft try to drag down Android device makers with lawsuits.