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iPhone 5s: Is Apple innovating or playing catch-up?

For a brand-new flagship iPhone, these features feel awfully familiar...


Here's how the iPhone 5s stacks up to the competition

Apple's new iPhone 5s is more of a shuffle than a leap in innovation.


Phone makers roll their own operating systems as Google and Microsoft close ranks

As Microsoft and Google snatch up Nokia and Motorola to create integrated, iPhone-like hardware/software experiences, hardware makers like HTC and Samsung scramble to create safe havens.


Microsoft wins jury trial in patent dispute with Motorola

A Seattle jury ruled in favor of Microsoft in a long-running patent dispute with Motorola over the h.264 video compression standard.

Customizable off-contract Moto X goes on sale, but it's still tied to AT&T

But while you can create your own customized, off-contract Moto X phone, it's still tied to AT&T.


Microsoft, Motorola trial to resume Monday

Microsoft and Motorola are expected to begin arguments on Monday in the second part of a court case regarding patent licensing fees.

Motorola Droid 5

Leaked Droid 5 images may yet give hope to long-suffering QWERTY fans

Some people just like real keyboards, but they've had limited choices when it came to top-shelf smartphones. A series of leaked images of the new Droid 5 may give them hope.


The Moto X's innards aren't as interesting as its customizable exterior, teardown shows

In the case of Motorola's unique Moto X, it's what's outside that counts.


Moto X to be available at all major carriers "in days"

Motorola's Moto X devices will become widely available within days.


Review: The Motorola Droid Ultra is ultra-average

The Motorola Droid Ultra may have all the same features and specs as the Moto X, but the phone lacks the personality it needs to differentiate itself from the crowd.