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Hands-on: Motorola gives Verizon’s new Droids a much-needed makeover

With a thin design, Android 4.2.2, and a wealth of software extras, these three new handsets are Motorola’s effort to turn things around.


New Droid Ultra, Mini and Maxx phones

Verizon takes the wraps off a trio of Droid smartphones

Motorola's popular Droid family of phones has three new additions, highlighted by the Droid Maxx -- a 4G LTE phone powered by a battery promising 48 hours of use. On Tuesday, Verizon showed off two other Droids, the Ultra and Mini, which go on sale with the Maxx on August 20.


More Moto X secrets spoiled ahead of launch

At this rate, we'll know everything there is to know about the Moto X before it's announced.


Motorola plans Moto X unveiling for August 1

The most hyped Android phone in history will debut in a few weeks, when Google-owned Motorola holds a small, private event in New York, where attendees are expected to be the first to check out the Moto X.


Moto X, Eric Schmidt

Google chairman outs the Moto X accidentally on purpose

"Oh, did you see this secret phone and want to create buzz about it?! Please don't!! Oh my!"


Moto X custom smartphone teased for intro next week

Motorola and Google say in an ad that their upcoming Moto X phone will be designed by users. What will we see at next week's announcement?


How customizable can the Moto X possibly be?

Motorola's description of the Moto X as a phone you "can design yourself" is a marketing tease that could either pay off or leave the phone maker looking like it over-promised. Everything hinges on the hardware.



Patent-licensing firm files second lawsuit against Motorola Mobility

Intellectual Ventures, a large patent-licensing firm, has filed a second patent-infringement lawsuit against Motorola Mobility while its first patent lawsuit is still pending in a Delaware count.

Motorola shows off electronic tattoo and authentication pill at D11

Motorola debuted some experimental security technology that would allow users to access their devices via an electronic tattoo or by consuming a "vitamin authentication" pill every day.


Google's new Moto X smartphone will be aware of its environment

The first new phone to come out of Google's acquisition of Motorola will be known as the Moto X. It will be aware of its environment and alter the UI accordingly.