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Mozilla Shows Off Web-Based Phone

Mozilla gives a demo of its Boot-to-Gecko-based smartphone system. The phone in the demo, which previously used Android--now runs without an operating system. Instead, all the functions run directly from the Web.


First Look at Mozilla’s Web Platform for Phones: 'Boot to Gecko'

Mozilla’s platform for smartphones is entirely Web-based, from the camera app to the third-party games.


Mozilla Phones in 2012 Primer

Mozilla is developing a version of Gecko that will act as the core of a standalone operating system using modern web technologies, including the HTML5 markup language.


Opera Sings New Song for Android, Apple

Since its arrival on the browser scene in 1994, Opera has introduced innovations that browser users take for granted today, such as tabs, the integrated search bar and pop-up blocking.

Which Browser Should You Use?

Not all Web browsers are created equal. Some are faster; some are more versatile; others are especially secure. We tested six leading browsers to learn where each one excels…and fails.

The Best Browsers for Your Android Phone

Here are five of the most promising browser apps to use with your Android smartphone or tablet.


Mozilla's Open Web App Store Will Launch Next Week

Users will be able to buy an app once and use it on any HTML5-enabled device, Mozilla says.

Thunderbird Tips: IMAP Subscriptions, Email Replies

Choose which IMAP folders to subscribe to in Mozilla Thunderbird, and change the way Thunderbird handles email replies.

As Firefox 11 Hits Beta, Work Begins on Push Notifications for the Web

With this new, mobile-style feature, websites will be able to alert users when new content arrives.

Firefox 10 Arrives Today with Extended Support for Businesses

Mozilla's next browser release for corporate users won't come out until November.