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Mozilla Re-Releases Firefox 9, Backs Out Fix Causing Crashes

A day after it shipped Firefox 9, Mozilla quickly released an update after backing out a bug fix that was causing some Mac, Linux and Windows browsers to crash.

Report: Google to Pay Mozilla $300M Annually in Search Deal

To Google, Firefox is reportedly worth $300 million/year for the next three years.

Simplify Web Page Viewing on Firefox with Evernote's Clearly Add-On

The Clearly browser extension lets you create clean web pages on the fly for easier reading.


Mozilla, Google Seal New Firefox Search Deal

Mozilla and Google today said that they had struck a new search deal that will provide "significant revenue" to the maker of Firefox.

Firefox 9 Promises Speed, Adds Support for Lion and Android

Built to be as much as 30 percent faster than Firefox 8, the release also brings Mac OS X Lion support and an Android version that's optimized for tablets.

The Biggest Tech Fails and Flops of 2011

If you like train wrecks, 2011 was a fascinating year in personal technology.


Firefox Gains Weight, Challenging Its Developers

Now too big to be built on 32-bit Windows, the popular browser forces Mozilla developers to look for alternatives.

Chrome Is Most Secure of the Top Three Browsers, Study Finds

Internet Explorer takes second place while Firefox comes in third, Accuvant reports.

Facing Trouble, Mozilla Argues Importance of Firefox

Mozilla explains why Firefox is important in a new video.

Google Deal or No, Firefox Can Still Survive

Reports now suggest Mozilla's search deal with Google isn't over after all, but the popular browser has plenty going for it either way.