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Silent Updates Proposed for Firefox Are a Bad Security Risk

Silent updating may be more convenient to consumers, but it will also invite hacker exploitation of the process, a security expert warns.


Firefox for Android Will Get Its New Interface Tonight

A native interface should improve the mobile browser's speed, responsiveness, and memory usage, Mozilla says.

Coming Soon to Firefox: Quick Background Updates

A new process being tested should make browser updates faster and smoother for users.

Speedy Firefox 9 Beta Versions Take Their Place in Line

The new Android version of the browser is optimized for tablets, Mozilla says.

Firefox 8 Arrives with Twitter Search Integration

The Twitter search function lets users look up topics, hashtags and usernames on the micro-blogging service.

Waiting for Firefox 8? It's Already Here

The latest version of Mozilla's popular browser is ready and waiting ahead of schedule with several key new features.

As Chrome Inches Ahead, Firefox Slims Down

A new 'diet' could give Mozilla's browser a considerably smaller footprint.

A Huge Speed Boost Is on the Way to Firefox for Android

A new interface could reduce startup times from several seconds to just fractions of a second on some phones, Mozilla says.

Microsoft and Mozilla Browser Security Fight: They're Both Wrong

Microsoft and Mozilla have been squabbling over whose browser is more secure--but both companies are likely wrong.

Which Browser Has Your Back? That Would Be Firefox

Free of corporate interests, development of the open source browser focuses solely on users, and that's worth a lot.