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Mozilla Mulls a 5-Week Firefox Release Cycle

A shortened schedule looks unlikely in the near term, but the possibility remains for down the road.

Get an Early Taste of Firefox for Android Tablets

The first tablet-centric version of Mozilla's popular browser is now available for download in the Nightly channel.

Microsoft's 5 Biggest Weaknesses

Microsoft's position as the dominant provider of software to consumers is at risk. Here are five reasons why.

Firefox's Rapid Release Schedule Draws More Blame

'Broken' bug-triage process can't handle the speedy new timetable, a former volunteer says.

Mozilla Won't Dump Firefox Version Numbers

Mozilla promises the version number will remain in the browser's "About" box after all, ending the debate.

Firefox Version Numbers Are Here to Stay, Mozilla Says

Down the road, a time-based numbering system could be implemented instead.

Mozilla Defends 'Rapid Release' of Firefox Versions

The release of a version of the Firefox browser every six weeks is found to be disconcerting, and at times potentially unmanageable by businesses, says a Mozilla bigwig.

Speedy Firefox 7 Enters Beta

Mozilla has released its streamlined update, putting the browser on track for release in September.

Firefox Numbering Debate Is a Tempest in a Teapot

The brouhaha over Mozilla's decision to downplay version numbers is much ado about nothing.

Firefox 6: Four Reasons Not to Upgrade

Firefox 6 is here, which makes your version 5 browser obsolete. Here are four reasons you should avoid Firefox 6--and maybe abandon Mozilla's browser altogether.