Don't-Miss Stories

Next Firefox Will Block Add-ons by Default

Mozilla says Firefox 8 will automatically block browser add-ons from third parties unless approved by the user.

Free Firefox Tool Fights Search Hijacking

The tool, called HTTPS Everywhere, helps prevent your search results from being hijacked and redirected.

Mozilla's Boot to Gecko: A Mobile OS that Could Succeed

Boot to Gecko is a universal-platform OS that could theoretically drive futuristic desktops and is, according to Mozilla, the 'complete, standalone operating system for the open Web.'


Mozilla Hustles to Handle Demise of Google Toolbar for Firefox

Google Toolbar for Firefox works on versions through Firefox 4 and will not be supported on Firefox 5 and future versions.

Mozilla Gets to Work on Enterprise Firefox Support

New working group gives business users a place to get involved and have their say.

Browser Should Manage Your Online ID, Mozilla Says

Mozilla's proposed BrowserID system consolidates passwords, but why should it succeed when similar services have stalled?

Firefox Leaps Ahead With Versions 6, 7, and 8

As Mozilla works on its strategy for businesses, the next versions of its Firefox browser are looking better and better.

Mozilla: An Enterprise Firefox Strategy Is in the Works

Mozilla announced Tuesday that it will address corporate users' needs.

Mozilla Moves 55% of Firefox 4 Users to New Version in First Week

Most Firefox 4 users updated to Firefox 5 in the first week, although the turnover speed was slower than when Chrome last shifted editions.

Why Firefox's Rapid Release Schedule Is No Big Deal

Despite the well-publicized protests of a few vocal critics, there's absolutely nothing wrong with Mozilla's new strategy.