Don't-Miss Stories

Make Facebook Baby-Free With

Instead of a smiling baby peering up at your from your Facebook newsfeed, you can see a cute kitty, or a big tub of bacon, or whatever you prefer.

Thunderbird 15 Delivers Security Fixes and Chat Support

Also included in the latest release of Mozilla's popular email client are Do Not Track support and Ubuntu One integration.

TechHive: What's New in Firefox 15 for Desktops and Android

Between the memory improvements in desktop Firefox and the overhauled Android app, Mozilla seems to be getting its groove back.

Firefox 17 Will Boost Add-On Security

Upcoming release will add an extra level of protection between add-ons and Mozilla's popular browser.

Mozilla to End Support of Firefox for OS X Leopard

Mozilla will drop support in October, after it ships Firefox 16.

MiTeC Mail Viewer Makes Accessing Old Messages Easier

This utility lets you read messages, complete with attachments, just as easily as if you were using your original email client.

Firefox 15 Beta Tackles Memory Leaks

Next version will improve memory management for users of add-ons and support Opus audio, developers say.

Curious About Firefox OS? Run It on Your Desktop

Now anyone can play with nightly builds of Mozilla's mobile operating system, which is still in development.


Mozilla Closes Security Hole in Firefox's New Tab Window

Banking and other information from secure sites will no longer be displayed for all to see.

Download Firefox 14.0.1 for Extra Browsing Security

This latest major release of Mozilla's popular browser adds several new features to keep users safe on the Web.