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Senate to Look at Mozilla's Browser Competition Allegations

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee plans to look into accusations by Mozilla that Microsoft is restricting access to important programming tools for browsers.

Mozilla's Hypocrisy: Apple Can Block Firefox, But Microsoft Can't

Analysis: Mozilla says that Apple banning Firefox from iPads and iPhones is OK, but Microsoft restricting the browser from using some features on Windows 8 tablets may be illegal.

Why is Mozilla Targeting Microsoft and Not Apple in Browser Spat?

Why hasn't Mozilla lambasted Apple, as it did Microsoft, for blocking rival browsers from its mobile operating system?


Mozilla Cracks Down on Memory Leaks in Firefox Add-Ons

Thanks to a new patch, memory consumption can be reduced by as much as 400 percent, Mozilla says.

Microsoft's Purported Windows RT Firefox Ban: A Quick Explainer

Mozilla is complaining that Internet Explorer will be the only browser on Windows RT allowed to run in the traditional desktop environment. Here's what that means.


Mozilla Criticizes CISPA for Having Broad, Alarming Reach

The head of Mozilla's Privacy and Public Policy Department said the measure before Congress goes far beyond Internet security.

Firefox 13 Beta Gets a Speed Boost with SPDY by Default

Faster page loads are on the way, as is heightened browsing security.

Firefox 12 Puts an End to Annoying Updates

Windows users will no longer need to give permission each time a browser update arrives.

Mozilla Blocks Java in Firefox for Some Mac Users

Mozilla this week began blocking outdated versions of a Java plug-in in Firefox for some Mac users.

6 Alternative Tablet OSes

There's more to the market than just iOS and Android. Check out these tablet operating systems you may not have heard of.