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nokia lumia 920

Nokia adds premium music streaming to Lumia phones

Nokia is spiffing up the music app on its Lumia handsets by adding Music+ with the Mix Radio streaming service to its Music app, to try to distinguish its Windows Phones in a competitive market.


Review: iCloner offers reliable, but pricey, iPod backups

iCloner offers a neat and easy way to backup your iPod and restores its contents when necessary. But this application is pricey, and its restorations are all or nothing. So is your chance to get it; it'll be gone soon.

mRobo shows off dance moves that far surpass my own (video)

Tosy's mRobo robot can dance like no other, and brings his own speakers too.


The best of CES 2013

Our crack team of experts patrolled the show floor and other Vegas environs to bring you the best of CES 2013.


Amazon AutoRip service bundles digital copies with purchased CDs

More than 50,000 CDs are AutoRip eligible including albums from every major label

Focus@Will builds music playlists to help you concentrate

Currently in beta, Focus@Will's music service looks to improve your concentration and focus as you read, study, and work.

Review: TuneUp cleans up your misnamed music files with a few clicks

If you are in the habit of ripping CDs, you know how frustrating it is when the ripped CD doesn't provide track names, and you have to manually type them by hand. TuneUp is an add-on for iTunes and Windows Media Player that renames your files for you and adds album art.

Google Music adds scan and match feature

Google's feature saves you the time of manually uploading your music to Google Music

Dropbox buys Audiogalaxy. Is a cloud music service on the way?

Audiogalaxy promised to bring great new experiences to the 100 million plus users of Dropbox

Convicted music pirate asks Supreme Court to review case

Lawyers for Jammie Thomas-Rasset argue that the $222,000 damage award is unconstitutional