Don't-Miss Stories

New DivX Stash stores all your online videos in one place

Launched at Mobile World Congress this week, the still-in-beta DivX Stash lets you save movies from various video sites to watch later on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Wireless smartphone charging: only one standard needed

Two leading groups of device makers, chipmakers, and wireless providers each push very similar flavors of the same technology. But consumers need only one.

Are autos the new smartphones at Mobile World Congress 2013?

Mobile developers and automakers alike are interested in creating some sort of smartphone/car union that doesn't get people killed.


Hands on with the new Acer Liquid Z2 smartphone

Acer’s entrant in the “budget phone” class has a nice looking display, room for two SIM cards, and an underpowered processor.


Touch-typing keyboard apps for mobile devices flood Mobile World Congress

These new apps aim to make typing on our phones and tablets easier, faster, and more comfortable.

MWC 2013 Day Three: Tablet talk

Tablets are very much on the mind of our editors in this wrap-up video from the third day of Mobile World Congress.


Couch potato call: Mobile World Congress is a fit tech dead zone

While surprised by the scarcity of consumer fitness contraptions on the show floor, we managed to spot a few key health-related gadgets.


Industrial sapphire might be your next smartphone display

Sapphire could someday be used in some smartphone displays instead of the toughened Gorilla Glass popular today


ARM still drives design for smartphones—1 billion in 2013

ARM creates the intellectual property used in the designs used to run more than 95% of the smartphones in the world, but the company had only a small booth at the edge of Hall 6 at Mobile World Congress this week.


Engineers use smartphone components to stream video from an eagle's back

Today's phones pack so much power and so many sensors into such a small space -- and at a relatively low cost -- that they are increasingly being used for inventive purposes.