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Forget your appointment's number? Text your phone

You need the phone number of your next appointment, but you don't have your phone? Just send it a text.


Voyager car smartphone looks to make driving and dialing safe

Built by Accel, the Voyager is more like a small, mounted GPS device that also runs apps and makes phone calls.


MWC 2013 Day Two: A busy day for devices

TechHive's Carlos Rodela and Mark Sullivan sum up a busy second day at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


Sony watches

Watch this space: Smartwatches abound at Mobile World Congress

Smartphones and tablets may be the focus at Mobile World Congress, but there's a definite interest in watches that can connect to your mobile device. Here are three smartwatches that caught our eye on on the show floor.


Elecom Japan Design has some fun with phone accessories

Cases with built in games and tails for kickstands barely scratch the surface of the wonderfully weird accessories we saw at the Elecom booth at MWC.


Wireless operators turn an eye to the personal data business

Just like social networks, phone carriers will walk the line between selling valuable data and compromising their subscribers' privacy.

Big screens, out-of-date Android mark MWC's marquee smartphones

If Mobile World Congress is any indication, phone makers are working hard to improve the hardware of their latest mobile devices. But the OS powering these phones seems stuck in the past.


Tizen mobile OS shows some teething issues

Mobile operators are passionate about the Tizen OS, but it appears there's a lot of work to do before the smartphones running it will go on sale later this year.


The giant smartphones of Mobile World Congress 2013

The line between a smartphone and a tablet keeps getting thinner as companies roll out large phones at MWC.


Loony sights spotted at Mobile World Congress 2013

Here's a look at some of the loonier stuff at Mobile World Congress 2013.