Don't-Miss Stories

SBP TV turns to mobile screens for streaming TV

SPB TV lets you stream live TV straight to your mobile device, and now the company has a second screen app for additional content.


Wi-Fi networks may soon become easier and safer to join

Device makers and network operators are working together to let your phone automatically connect to trusted Wi-Fi networks.


New motion tech makes mobile devices far more self-aware

The combo of compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope is moving beyond gaming into other devices and apps.


NEC seeing double with dual-screen smartphone

Japan's NEC has come up with a different way to answer consumer demands for bigger screens on smartphones. Rather than use a single, larger display, which makes the entire phone larger, the company has fitted a second screen to its Medias W handset that folds out when needed to double the display area.


Volvo shows off smooth, snappy touchscreen infotainment system

Volvo's new Sensus Connected Touch system is Android-powered and surprisingly responsive.


HP says more tablets coming as it puts past distractions behind

The CTO of HP's mobility group said the company is looking forward to creating a range of tablets for consumers and enterprises.


Fujitsu waterproofs Windows 8 tablet, Android smartphones

If you have a habit of dropping smartphones or tablets in toilets or sinks, Fujitsu may have an answer for you. The company showed off a new Windows 8 tablet and Android smartphones that can resist drops into water.


Morpho's software will soon bring high-end camera features to smartphones

Imaging technology once reserved for high end cameras might be coming to smartphones with new software from Japan's Morpho.


With spotty 4G service throughout Europe, EU offers funding for 5G

The European Union is "€œshooting itself in the foot" when it comes to the mobile industry, Europe's Digital Agenda Commissioner tells CEOs in Barcelona.

Hands on with the Sony Xperia Tablet Z

We only had a little time to play with Sony's new Android tablet, but a great design, eye-catching screen, and other impressive features make the Xperia Tablet Z a potential challenger to Apple's iPad.