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The pop star's new single, 'Suit & Tie,' featuring rapper Jay-Z, is promoted on the landing page of the site

Disappearing Web

The Disappearing Web: How we're losing the battle to preserve the Internet

Despite our best efforts, we may be losing important online documentation of significant historical events.


MySpace to launch redesigned site with Windows 8 Metro-inspired look

MySpace appears to be focusing on its top strength: acting as a hub for popular media, particularly music


Social Media Ban: Should Companies Join The Marines?

Think social networking isn't a security risk? Try telling it to the Marines--and then convince yourself.

Flip Mino: Shoot and Upload Video Directly to YouTube

Pure Digital has made it easier than ever to get videos of your escapades up on YouTube.


New Tools and Services for Social Networking

Senior Editor Robert Strohmeyer takes a look at some of the new web tools and services that are cropping up to make social networking easier.


Shopping Cart Service Taps Into Social Networking Sites

If you can't bring the people to the store, Cartfly may help you bring the store to the people.