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Jolicloud May Beat Chrome OS to Netbook Market

This month, startup plans to release a cloud-focused netbook using its own Linux-based operating system.

Male Infertility, and Other Ways Your Laptop Is Slowly Killing You

Prolonged use of a laptop can have a variety of health implications including a negative impact on vision, hearing, and male fertility.

Early-Bird Black Friday Predictions

The holiday bargain-hunting season is here. We talk to the experts to uncover what kinds of Black Friday deals you can expect on HDTVs, e-readers, Blu-ray, and more.


Apple iPads Cannibalizing Netbook Sales

A survey of 3,108 consumers last month on their buying plans found that just 14% of those who plan on buying a laptop in the next 90 days say it will be a netbook.


Google's Chrome Smartbooks Have Already Lost to Apple's MacBook Air

Google may have just been beaten to the punch by Apple in the race to offer consumers a slick, lightweight, and cloud-centric laptop.


Resolved: We Need More Realistic Notebook Battery-Life Claims

I’ve been using the 11.6″ MacBook Air over the past week and a half, and judging from my experience, Apple’s estimate of five hours is indeed realistic

Why Apple's 11-Inch MacBook Air Is TSA-Approved

The TSA says Apple's new 11-inch MacBook Air can stay in your bag when you pass through airport security. So what sets it apart from other noncheckpoint-friendly notebooks?


11.6-in. MacBook Air: Don't Call It a Netbook

Some might find this mini-laptop too small, but travelers will love it.

Will Hard Drives Become Obsolete?

Analysts say Apple's decision to yank the Macbook Air's hard drive plus the declining prices of SSDs could foretell the death of hard drives.


MacBook Air Still a Difficult Purchase to Justify

I wanted the MacBook Air--or at least I wanted to want it--but, bang for the buck I simply can't defend purchasing the MacBook Air as anything but a frivilous extravagance.