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Acer Aspire One 532h-2588: A Merely Adequate Rendition of the Now Familiar Netbook Platform

In the 532h-2588, Acer has produced a very average netbook at a relatively low price, with all the drawbacks and strengths of the class.

Acer Picks AMD Chips for New Netbooks

Acer announced two new netbooks with chips from AMD, boosting the chip company's efforts to capture netbook market share from Intel.

Acer's Aspire One 532h Netbook Is Well Priced But Not Easy to Type On

While Acer's Aspire One 532h netbook is sturdy and inexpensive, the keyboard is difficult to type on, and the touchpad isn't particularly well designed.


World Tech Update: iPhone4, Foxconn, Thin Laptops, and More...

Steve Jobs unveils the iPhone 4, Foxconn plans to increase pay, gadgets and super-thin laptops overflow from Computex, and more...

Laptop vs. Netbook vs. Smartphone

Work, school, and play: Which portable computer is the do-everything device for you?

Chrome OS Strives to Replace Desktop Culture

The Chrome OS seems ideally suited for netbooks, but can it compete with Windows on desktops?

Can Non-Apple Tablets Compete Against the iPad?

This week nearly a dozen tablets are on display at the Computex Taipei trade show. Can any of them compete against Apple's iPad?


Install a Touchscreen in Your Netbook

Tired of your netbook's tiny touchpad? Here's how to install a touchscreen.


PC Market Rebound Reflects Success of Windows 7

Gartner predicts that PC sales will climb 22 percent in 2010--driven in part by the success of Windows 7.

Survey Says: iPad Is Killing Netbooks

Consumers are "overwhelmingly leaning" toward the iPad instead of netbooks, Retrevo survey finds.