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The Netbook You Need

Want a great netbook for video, music, and light gaming? Or a machine with all-day battery life? Or maybe just a cool companion PC on the cheap? Look no further: We’ve uncovered suitable netbooks for all sorts of users.

New Intel Processors Redefine Mobile Computing

Intel is launching a new line of low-power CPUs that blur the line between notebooks and netbooks.

The Netbook: a Perfect PC Companion?

Another look at netbooks reveals they offer a solid laptop alternative that tablets can never deliver.


Should Netbook Makers Fear the iPad?

Apple's iPad won't put a crimp on sales of netbooks this year, an analyst predicted.


The Best Netbooks For Business, Entertainment, Battery Life and More

Check out our choices from Asus, Lenovo, Gateway, and HP for the best netbooks for battery life, entertainment, business, design, and your wallet.


Acer Aspire One 532h-2326: Inexpensive, but Not Easy to Work On

The Aspire One 532h is reasonably priced, but the keyboard and touchpad could use a makeover.

iPad vs Netbook: The Battle Continues

Don't be too quick to bury the netbook, analyst suggests.


Toshiba Mini N410 Netbook: Good Looks, Average Performance

The Toshiba NB305-N410 is a basic netbook with solid specs, but its chiclet-style keyboard is a bit of a disappointment.


Lenovo S10-3t: Half-Netbook, Half-Tablet

This half-netbook, half-tablet would have probably been better if it had just stuck with one genre or the other.

Microsoft Courier Tablet Canceled!

Gizmodo reports today that Microsoft’s much-hyped Courier tablet has been canceled. Prototypes of the Courier featured folding dual-screens that relied on stylus and handwriting recognition as its primary input. The “digital journal” took a very different approach to the tablet PC as the polarizing iPad- one which many iPad haters considered a welcome difference.