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This "light" edition of Ubuntu Linux is perfect for pokey netbooks. The only tricky part is installing it.


Dell Latitude 2120: Slightly Rugged, Wildly Overpriced

The Latitude 2120 from Dell is a slightly ruggedized but otherwise unexceptional and uninspiring netbook that simply costs too much.

Two PCs Instead of One

RebelDroid asked the Laptops forum to recommend a laptop that does everything. I think he needs more than one computer.


Lenovo IdeaPad S205: A More Stylish Netbook

Graced with Lenovo's first-rate ergonomics and a roomy hard drive, the IdeaPad S205 is a stylish traveling companion for routine computing.

Thanks to MeeGo, Asus Makes Good on Its $200 Laptop Promise

Now available for preorder, this compelling new netbook taps the power of Linux.

Dell Alienware M11x Gaming Netbook, $599

Dell has its Alienware M11x gaming netbook on sale for $599, with free shipping.

12 Tech Revolutions That Fizzled

Virtual reality and its oversize helmets. The Segway scooter. AT&T's Picturephone from 1964? These tech innovations and more were supposed to change your life. Whoops!

5 Things to Consider About Chromebooks

The chromebooks are shipping in volume. Before you're seduced by the latest sexy netbook, consider these factors.

Try Chromebooks for Free During Your Summer Travels

Travelers can try out Google Chromebooks for free -- with free Wi-Fi -- when flying on select Virgin America flights or staying at the Ace Hotel in New York


Who Killed the Netbook?

The netbook’s brief success was also its swan song