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Tablet or Netbook? How to Choose the Right Mobile Tech

Are you torn between buying a portable PC or a trendy tablet? What about your smartphone? Here is one editor's attempt to find the best mobile tech for him.

14 Must-Have Chromebooks Apps

If you're wondering where to start on the Chrome Web Store, we've got you covered with 14 must-have Web apps and extensions. The best part is, they're all free.

So Long, Netbook. Hello, Media Tablet.

The netbook's day in the sun was short-lived, and it took Apple to show the way with 'tweener devices.


Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks: Teardown Pegs Costs at Under $350

The Chromebooks, which are getting high marks for sporting attractive displays and snappy response times, start shipping June 15.

Chromebooks Now Available For Pre-Orders

Amazon and Best Buy are accepting advance orders for Chromebooks from Acer and Samsung.


Samsung Series 5 Chromebook: Chrome OS Underwhelms

Maybe the Chromebook is just ahead of its time, or maybe the world will never be ready for a laptop that does little more than run a single Web browser. The compromises you make with Chrome OS far outweigh the benefits you get.

PunkThis: An Android and ARM PC Inside Your SATA Bay

This tiny module creates a hybrid computer whose low-power mode can extend battery life dramatically.

Asus EeePC 1215B: Netbook or Ultraportable?

This laptop is sold as a netbook, but matches up well with mainstream ultraportables in all but performance.

Asus Padfone and MeeGo-Based Eee PC Expand Choices

The new devices will give users new options and flexibility in terms of form factors and operating systems.

Asus Demos Phone-Tablet Combo, Meego Netbook

Taiwan's Asustek Computer has previewed a smartphone-tablet PC combo device that seeks to bring together the strengths of both devices.