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Forrester Calls Google's Chromebook 'Corporate Idiocy'

Google's new Chromebook computers could prove costly to the company's business as users move away from the Web to a dependence on mobile apps.

Asus Teases Smartphone-Tablet Combo, More

Expected next week: an evolved Eee PC netbook, 3D tablet, and hybrid smartphone-tablet.


Why Chromebooks Will Fail

Everyone wants what Microsoft's got, namely control of the most widely used computing platform. Or, more accurately, everyone wants the billions and billions of...

Chromebooks Are Doomed to Fail

Google wants Chromebooks to be a new era in mobile computing, but they're really just netbooks with limited functionality.


Chromebooks to Ship with Offline Versions of Google Apps

Google's OS doesn't have any locally installed apps like a word processor or spreadsheet manager but that doesn't mean it's useless without Wi-Fi or cellular data connectivity.

Chromebooks: A Prospective Buyer's Guide

It's not clear whether the new Chromebooks will be able to woo you away from your desktop and into the cloud, but if you're thinking about buying one of the devices, here's a breakdown of everything you need to know.

Samsung NC110 Netbook: Slow but Stylin'

Samsung's NC110 netbook is stylish and ergonomically sound, but it's a slow performer out of the box.

Will the Google Chromebook Replace Your Laptop?

Chromebooks running Google's Chrome OS will deliver a Web-centric mobile computing experience that seeks to replace your old laptop.

Google to Rent Chrome OS Laptop for $20/Month: Rumor

The monthly fee will provide students with a laptop loaded with Chrome OS as well as access to 'online services,' according to a report.

Nielsen Study: Tablets Replacing Laptops and eReaders

Survey results from Nielsen show that users are abandoning desktops, laptops, ereaders, and portable music players in favor of their tablets.