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Lenovo ThinkPad X120e: A Superfast Business Netbook

The ThinkPad X120e sets the standard for business-class netbooks.

Can the Atrix 4G Really Become Your Next PC?

You can run the full desktop Firefox on your TV or monitor, but Motorola's dockable smartphone is only a half-step into the mobile/PC convergence future.

HP Mini 1103 Netbook: Solid, Old-School

The Mini 1103 offers basic netbook specs and standard performance for business.

Did Acer Accidentally Invent the Cloud Workstation?

Acer has announced an intriguing new product that’s mostly a monitor with a little bit of computer added on. Devices like this could be the future of cloud computing.

When Should You Buy a New Laptop?

Nobody wants to buy a laptop just to have a new, better model go on sale just a few weeks later. When is the right time to make that new laptop purchase?

Best Bags to Hold Your Tech Gadgets Safely and Efficiently

Having one gadget bag to support all of your tech gear makes traveling a breeze and organization even easier. We stuffed bags from Airbak, Alchemy, Crumpler, Osprey Packs, and Tumi full of gadgets and evaluated them.


HP Mini 110 Netbook, $270

J&R has the HP Mini 110 netbook on sale for only $270, with free shipping.

Tablet Forecast Brings Bad News for Netbooks

2011 looks to be the real year of the tablet, but the tablet's success could be the undoing of the netbook.

Laptop Not Charging

Bballgurl84life's laptop battery isn't charging.

AMD's Fusion Packs More Graphics Punch in Netbooks

AMD says its Fusion architecture alone can do a lot of heavy-lifting that only expensive CPUs and standalone video cards could do before.