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Tablet Wars of 2011: The Battle Looms

The iPad rules the tablet world right now, but an Android army has begun its attack. Soon to join the fray are even more tablets, equipped with the Windows, WebOS, and Sugar operating systems. Here's what to expect in the year ahead.


Google CR-48: Unboxing the Chrome OS Laptop

PCWorld Editor Ed Albro takes a fresh-out-of-the-box look at the Google CR-48, the first laptop to run Google Chrome OS.

Toshiba Mini NB305-N410 Netbook, 20 Percent Off has the Toshiba Mini netbook on sale for $317, for a limited time.

Google's CR-48: A Visual Tour

Google’s first notebook computer -- sleek, black and unbranded -- has arrived. Let's take a tour of its specs and features.

Google Seeks Users to Test Chrome Netbook

Google is looking for people who "live on the Web" to test drive the Cr-48 netbook running its Chrome operating system. That could mean you.

Analyst: Google Chrome OS is No Windows Killer...Yet

Google's Chrome OS is moving closer to reality, but Windows is still in command of the netbook market.


Top 15 Holiday Deals on Notebooks, Netbooks, and Desktops

Sure, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, but that doesn't mean a lot of stores aren't still deeply discounting laptops, netbooks, and desktops.

Chrome OS and Netbook: 3 Reasons for Success, 3 Reasons for Failure

Do the Chrome OS and the Chromebook stand a chance? Here are three omens of certain failure -- and three reasons it can succeed.


Google Chrome Netbook: What to Expect

A look at what you can expect from the Chrome OS and Google-branded netbooks expected to be unveiled at a media event on Tuesday.

MacBook Air Performs Poorly Compared With Similarly Priced Windows Laptops

Lab tests prove many Windows 7 laptops offer better performance than the 2010 MacBook Air for the same price.